Monday, July 28, 2008

Headbang Notes from “Rise of the Emypre”

That lasting hint of old arrack taste has left the tip of the tongue, the hangover actually fainted away with work and all day time duties…but that constant odd pain when trying to move neck muscles still remains. But I guess that’s what most of the people who converged last Sunday(27th) night in Club 52 at Palm Beach Mt.Lavinia have to share. Now if you wondered off somewhere else looking for that big bang, you missed a lot. It was one of the best gigs I have ever been and one of the best crowds I have ever seen.

All the five bands who played; FIH, Fallen Grace, Merlock, L.O.A and Forbidden Empyre (all the way from India) banged the crap out of the place. But one band in particular caught everyone’s attention, it was the opening L.O.A that stunned everyone.

You don’t get many metalheads in this country and for that matter a chick who does a freaking Arch Enemy cover??? Now isn’t that something you should have watched???

But any way had a great time there and also had to go through few hurdles to get this post approved ;) So I’ll leave it here and just don’t mind the quality of the videos and the pictures; it’s just a mere depiction of my ability to record under influence.…


  1. sry i missed it.. this LOA an Indian get up too? and they gonna be playin here again?

  2. S**t... now I wished I had gone!

  3. yeah was probably the best in this year.hats off to Merlock as well!

  4. whackster: LOA is actually sri lankan,it was their first opening gig. So we should be seeing more of them in the future hopefully..

    Foxhound : Told ya..:p

    Ayesh : Yeah really was a happening concert..