Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Back - Where have all the bloggers gone?

Its been ages since I'v blogged....properly.

Except for the occasional rants or updates on our video projects, really haven't written anything proper on this in ages. Kudos to Dee who's still keeping the blog live by some of her occasional posts. Back in the day we used to make it a point to post at least one blog post a week, this used to be our own little hideaway writing about stuff we loved/hated or didn't wanted to publish in person. It was fun to find out comments from other bloggers the next day when you are back in the office, reply back and to read their stories on their own blogs. I've never been a good writer as most of the bloggers I've met personally but I found great joy reading their stuff.

Oh the contributors we had, hope you guys still remember your logins? :) I remember the days when I used to bug Bawa or Foxhound to write posts, as they used to churn out some of the most interesting posts! Haven't seen Foxhound publishing much since the bugger put up his own show which also doesn't seem to have any new stuff. :P Bawa, now graduated from Med School is nowhere to be seen even in real life. :D What happened to Purpleboxers? DRG the one who setup the blog in the first place, I'm sure you agree.

This space used to be full of activity, commenting on other bloggers and counting the number of comments that you might get for your posts! I miss those days. I guess it's all been a part of growing up and as one rightly said sometimes the excitement wears off once you meet the blogger in real life and get to know them. The whole intrigue of posting anonymous is down the drain when their faces are unmasked. Along the years I got to know most of the fellow bloggers who used to read our posts and comment on them. They are a great bunch, ultimately I earned a great set of friends and lost interest in blogging.  haha don't know the correlation between the two though...

Wonder how its now these days? Is Kottu still as hot as it used to be? By the look of it it is. Have the sinhala bloggers multiplied their community even more? Certainly seem so. Wonder how many new friendships have formed and friends discovered?  Or is public Facebook statuses just killing off the anonymous blogs? Hope not.

For me most of the time blogging is just like going off somewhere to put your mind away to be someone else, certain situations it just draws you in and sometimes you totally forget about it. Work, life and a whole lot of things have got in the way of this.  I'm sure most will not even see this unless its on FB.lol  Looking back I can see the transformations many of us have gone through, I'm sure that little .blogspot or .wordpress domain hold a lot of wonderful memories for you.

A Big Shout out to all of you, you know who you are. I'm sure some of you are still at it! Hope you guys are doing well!

Sunrise from Sripada(Adams Peak), taken early this year, nothing to do with the post, but one thing in common, very nostalgic. :)

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  1. well i've just been focusing on my photoblog of late: http://sonofthemorninglight.wordpress.com/