Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's App Doc!

As many of you are already aware is that there is a SMS substitute software called What's App. After having been requested to use it by a work client who informed me he was stepping out of office I installed it on my phone.

Obviously it's needs a net connection to run. At work I can use Wi-fi at the expense of battery power. Essentially I can communicate with this client for free even when he no longer has access to Skype.

He gives me his phone number and then communication carries on. All the while I'm thinking what is the point of this app beyond communicating to people overseas. And yet people are using it even locally.

Some advantages obviously are group chats, sending images and other attachments though this will cost you on your data. However you always need to keep your data/wi-fi connection on unless you keep checking it at regular intervals. Doing this severely reduces the battery life of any device whereas sticking to traditional SMS has no impact on battery whatsoever despite the cost.

Now in an effort to embrace technology I've kept my wi-fi connection on and used what's app. The problem is my battery keeps draining at a much higher rate requiring me to charge once a day.

Also for some strange reason there is no iPad app. This way I could have switched off my Internet on my phone and left the ipad on which is anyway always on when at home. But apple or the developers have prevented this for some strange reason (yes jailbreaking will work). You can however keep it running on a Windows machine or tablet in addition to a Mac. iPod touch is also supported. So there is a win there if you want to stay connected permanently. None of these are official as far as I know except for the iPod touch.

You might have noticed that other popular Social Media platforms started on the web and eventually had a mobile version. When you're at home you can just use your machine. By default this is not how What's App is intended though it would seem to be a smart move to market it that way.

As it stands you need to be connected to the Internet on your mobile device constantly to receive information in a timely manner. When you consider this SMS seems to win out as you are guaranteed delivery though at a higher cost. For people who regular text people such as their boyfriend/girlfriend you do find other alternatives from mobile providers. So what I'm asking you is, is there any real point to What'sApp?

It has been cited that Whatsapp is cheaper which is most certainly true especially if you mange your data correctly. However What's App is not free giving users a year to try it on Android and Windows platforms while Apple users have to pay from the get go. Sure it's only $0.99 but are you actually willing to pay for it?

On the whole this doesn't seem like an SMS killer. Most non users I mentioned the app to suggested using gtalk or Facebook as alternatives instead.

What do you think?


  1. I've been a whatsapp user for more than 6 months and it has been one of the greatest applications I've ever used. Yes there is a drawback of keeping it connected to the internet all the time BUT the advantages of it is much more compared to the disadvantages.

    1. the speed which a message gets delivered compared to texting is higher.
    2. can send videos,images,location,audio notes and contacts
    3. it's 0.99$ for android and symbian users per year WHILE it's 0.99$ for ios users for lifetime.
    4.the battery doesn't die out that fast! the amount of battery usage is limited for this app (I'm using a symbian and believe me my battery stays for 2 days straight without dying out while this app is always online!)
    5. you can block a person from whatsapping you chatting
    7.cheaper than texing

    For a text to receive we have to keep connected to the mobile network. Same theory applies to whatsapp. It uses internet connectivity. Think 5 times before criticizing a great app like this, cz for me whatsapping is better then texting in every way.

  2. Hey Meeya,

    Firstly I never criticized it but merely stated that it isn't an SMS killer. I'm actually still using the app with a small number of people, the most beneficial of which is a friend who lives in the States.

    I've tried convincing people to be on it but so many people are just plain unwilling to use it. Others never check it (I just check last seen date). There are several people abroad who I could message for free who just don't use it despite being on it.

    Regarding the battery it was due to my not configuring my phone correctly. I configured the brightness to auto-adjust. I keep my wi-fi on all the time now so it's completely free whether at home or at work.

    Also some of the benefits you mentioned I also mentioned.