Friday, May 11, 2012

The Police Torture Epidemic in Sri Lanka - A Must Watch Documentary

Came across this amazing 20 minute documentary produced for Aisan Human Rights Commission, which i think every Sri Lankan regardless of their own opinion about human rights should have a look at. The documentary is deeply disturbing and takes a very insightful look at the "torture epidemic" that has gripped the Sri Lankan Police system.

Mr.Basil Fernando of Aisan Human Rights Commission rightly puts it, this is not something the international community will understand properly, and the change should come within from our society itself. Community awareness and strong advocacy against police torture is needed. When you look at the video you will notice several torture victims who have gone through much trauma due to these activities, and today it may be them but tomorrow it can very well be you or one of your loved ones? Have a look share your thoughts and spread the word.


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