Monday, October 3, 2011

Taking the Colombo-Badulla Express

Colombo-Badulla express train indeed offers some breathtaking views of the Sri Lankan Hill Country. The colors, the weather and the whole ambiance just takes you to a whole different world and leaves lasting memories in your mind. If you are up for a long but a rewarding train ride, I highly suggest you take the Colombo-Badulla train from Fort Station. There is a train leaving at around 5.15am everyday (Podi Manike) and will offer you the best views since the train will be travelling during day time. If you can reserve the Observation Deck beforehand I am sure you will be in for an awesome treat (I am yet to try this out). The footage here are just glimpses of what you can enjoy captured while we took the train from Pattipola to Badulla....

Also note you may need to reserve the tickets at least a week beforehand because these tend to get sold out pretty early. I heard that Dialog users can now book this train using thier mobile, so things just got much better!!