Sunday, November 7, 2010


A lot of people seem to be surprised by my enthusiasm on the Sean Paul concert happening next week. I personally find that its all about perception. Sean Paul is Jamaican and one of the many commercial artists coming from the Caribbean. This includes Rhianna, Bahamen, Sean Kingston and Bob Marley who share a common base, primarily traditional African music, though broken up into Reggae, Dancehall and the many other genres today.
Anyway, I'm not too familiar with the whole history of the islands, but I do know that the people in this region did go through a lot of hardship and still do, due to the effects of colonization, slavery ("Outward expressions of African culture were not permitted. Women would use oral tradition to keep past traditions and histories alive.Dance also became an integral part of culture among slaves. This was a way in which women (along with men) could offer up prayers to their gods as well as release emotion. Slaves would often engage in dancing ceremonies on their free time as it was a way in which they could freely express themselves and their cultural heritage against the orders of their colonial oppressors"), mass brain drain and some natural disasters (Haiti).

Anyway, history will have to attest to the great music, dance and rich self-expression coming from this region over the years. Nice.

Whoa. Flexible...some dance students all the way from Poland!

Diss if you can actually dance like this :D


  1. I love the islands, love the people and looove the music. Last year I hit the Jamaican beaches and got high without ever smoking. This year I could not make it, perhaps again in next spring break!

  2. nice post! its great to see how different cultures actually bring out the diversity amongst us,and yet connect us at the same time...