Friday, July 9, 2010

Do Black Men Rule the World?

Black people have often been the target of much racism and discrimination throughout history, whether it’s been deemed as slaves or just generally being thought of as stupid or inferior.

But don’t you think it’s strange that there is one area where black people tend to dominate? What’s that area? Well it’s none other than the sporting arena. Been watching the Football World Cup? Ever notice that many of the Caucasian teams have at least one or two black players? Some have a lot more. England, France, Germany and the USA come to mind.

I remember it being funny that in the past ‘America’ won the World Basketball Championship and yet so many of their team are African Americans. The NFL and MLB also have a heavy representation of African Americans like nowhere else in the country.

But what’s that you say? African Americans are Americans? Yes quite right. They are. But it’s strange that there’s all this racism (though a black President is a change) but when it comes to sports African Americans have the best facilities and are as American as anyone else. Shame the same isn’t true when it comes to aspects such as education. In the past there were rules limiting the number of black players allowed on a team (Before the 1960’s). Yet racial equality was achieved in sports much faster than any other area for some strange unknown reason.

My only question is… what do the Ku Klux Klan remnants think of this? Where is the white power movement to clean up American sports? Oh that’s right… they play damn good, so it’s cool then.


  1. Nice post..Nobody would have thought about this when they were brought to America as SLAVES.

  2. true african americans do dominate sports. but its because of the african blood in them. people say african americans an africans, they are all one people even the ones that live in the carribian. i dont understant how people say they aren't smart but they invented everything we use today,tv,refined gas,clock,air conditioner etc. all mathamatics came from africa. they created the first books,literature,the wheel the paramids,instruments everything etc. i could go one forever but the bottom line is africa is the birth place of everything even hunans, its the mother land. its true africans and people of african decent are the top humans. i figured that out an im WHITE!!!!!!!!

  3. you do realize most "inventions" the naacp says where made by blacks are NOT recognized? it was white people idiot. Dr. Willis Carrier invented the a/c. ALMOST 40 YEARS BEFORE THE JONES DUDE TRIED PUTTING A/C'S INTO PATENT. dumbass