Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My neighbour's kid speaks to God
daily, in sing-song, in Urdu I think -
I saw a woman kneeling with her baby
kneeling all the way to the alter of Madhu Church,
and sitting under the cool shades of the Sri Maha Bodhiya
an orange sunset reminds of an ever omnipresent,
With the energy of Mecca, like a sand-storm
like a rock concert in slow motion,
just drops in an ocean of human faith.
Keeping us strong when we most need it.

Muslim pilgrims at Koneshwaram Kovil, Trincomalee

A prayer tree, Koneshwaram Kovil

Voodoo magic, Koneshwaram Kovil

A personal request, Koneshwaram Kovil

4 rupee luck, Koneshwaram Kovil