Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sanath Saga

The semifinals are tonight! Fingers crossed that we have it in us to sail through to the finals. Despite the OKish performance of our boys in the Caribbean, this T20 world cup will be remembered as the one where Sanath Jayasuriya really shouldn't have played.

Its almost ironic, just 3 years ago Sana boy was setting the Caribbean on fire with his destructive batting in the 50 over World Cup, the headlines then were about Atapattu not being played in the team. Now it seems that the tables have turned and to rub more salt in to his wounds: while most of us think that Marvan should have been in the team,how many of us harbour the same sentiment toward Sanath?

Sanath Jayasuriya had a meteoric rise to fame, first being included as a leggie and a useful middle order batsmen. His success at pinch-hitting prompted a promotion up the batting order and the rest as we all know was history in the making.

His batting record speaks for itself. He was one of the most feared and destructive batsmen in any form of the game, be it test, one day or T20's. But enough is enough, it time to say goodbye and let your legend live on Sanath. Time to head back to Matara and attend the funerals in your electorate as any self-respecting Lankan MP would do.

(Time's up...start hanging with people your own age)

It's sad to see the slow humiliation of this once great batsmen, but on the flipside one wonders why he does it? I am sure its not for the money, having earned millions and millions over the years that could sustain the Jayasuriya's for a few generations.

I think he does it because he loves the game. He loves playing for his country, he loves going out to the middle with a willow in hand and he loves his slow left arm bowling.

It's almost as if he were obsessing after an ex-girlfriend that has left him. Your time's up Sanath, IF YOU TRULY LOVE SOMETHING YOU"LL LET IT GO.


  1. Regardless of what his intentions are, I think it is quite a disgrace. I blame the selectors.

    BTW, who wants Marven to come back? That's news to me...

  2. i really don't think the selectors had any say in the matter.. .i meant that atapattu shuld have been in the team back then.. during the '07 tournament.

  3. nope it was the sport's minister whatshisname. once the coach and relevant ppl finalized the list and sent it to Minister it came back with some new names *cough* *cough*

    Also I don't think that it's his love for the game that keeps him from leaving. Money mainly. Don't forget that he lost quite an amount to Mr. Sakvithi xD

    Whatever said and done it is he who is digging his own grave of humiliation.