Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Losing it

Almost everyone has a cyber life these days, a sort of second life they spend an increasing amount of time on. Some people tweet, others blog, most are on Facebook and many do it all. Social networking sites have made a real difference to our mundane lives. If you have the internet, there is always something to kill boredom with, be it reading someones blog, stalking people on Facebook or just having a casual exchange of tweets with someone you haven't even met. But when compared to the other kinds, Facebook has the majority of users.

It was first created as a network tool for grad students but now has bloomed into a full-blown social networking site with over 350 million users. Up until a few years ago, it wasn't all that popular, back then Hi5 and Bebo were theshiz, everyone needed to have a Hi5 account. But due to its non-existent security settings, Hi5 became saturated with cyber sluts and perverts, not a very pleasant place! So then there was the exodus from Hi5 to alternative like Orkut, Facebook and Bebo. But out of them, Facebook stood out because of its simplicity and user friendliness.

But now it seems to have lost that all these third partyapplications on it. I mean before when you log on in the morning, its only that someone has commented on a photo, or your status which by default began with 'is' or even posted on your wall. But now when you log on in the morning, some idiot has 'thrown something at you' or someone wants you to 'fertilize their flowers' and yes, I mean that in a virtually literal way. It's either that or someone has taken a quiz on 'what you eyes say about your future' or some rubbish of the sorts, I mean WTF?! don't people have anything else to do!?

To add to the needless spam you find your politicians' faces floating around when nearing an election. Facebook always sends out this statement on how they are trying to improve security and all that but is security the only concern? How many pointless applications are floating around the place, with the potential to mass spam? I mean, instead of trying to complicate the security settings they should deal with all the applications that are popping up before Facebook turns into anotherHi5.


  1. hmm...yeah media is making a big impact online, well Mark Zuckerberg need to make a buck also ne..

  2. Yes FB sucks these days. Too many 3rd party applications.

  3. Well, the thing with digital life is that you live and learn. ;)

  4. Just adapt your settings lol :)It restricts the number of ads you get, you know like so and so opened a fortune cookie or something. Also, if some particular friends are spamming your invite inbox, put up settings so they cannot send you an invite.

    Apart from the lecture, yeah, I do get what you're sayng. This is still funny, though :P