Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love will Save us All!

So the age old adage goes. Or is it a cheap cliche? Well... let's a take a look.

A long long time ago, Europe was besieged by war. At the end of the First World War much of France was destroyed due to the fact that much of the fighting had taken place there. Being a member of the victors, the French demanded harsh reparations from the Germans. Thus the Treaty of Versailles was born.

The French were completely angry and pissed off at how their nation had been ravaged by the war whose chief propagator was Germany. So with this hatred their decided to 'suck the blood' of the Germans for what they had done to La Francaise.

The Germans were also pissed off. They had lost the war and much bitterness was felt all around, especially with the Treaty of Versailles making life in the country unbearable. Amidst this bitter resentment rumours began to spread about how the Weimar Democracy had stabbed the Germany Army in the back and how they had never lost the war. This hatred on both sides eventually lead the World to war once again.

With Hitler in power, he blamed the nations ails on the Jewish people. Ordinary German folk lapped it up like a cat does milk. So easy to just blindly hate the people who were different and many of whom were affluent. They went nuts with the idea.

Soon the Jews were being rounded up, killed, their babies bashed in the head etc etc. Why did these things happen? An absence of Love I tell you. Because of the bitterness all around the people in Germany just wanted to tear someone apart in pure revenge.

Love is a feeling or state of mind that allows for creative and peaceful creation. Movies, books, art, music and so much more is created with a love for the medium. You can't hope to create any of those out of anything else... well a lot is created just for money, but they're usually no good. You need soul and passion.

Without the positivity of love we cannot create and instead go down the destructive route that requires little thought, understanding or reasoning.

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