Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Return of the Oreo

After a mysterious disappearance from just about everywhere... well actually everywhere, the illusive Oreo cookies have decided to once again make their way to Sri Lanka. Of course the sad thing is that since last December the chocolate variety have increased in price from Rs.160 to about Rs.235. Well at least that was the case last week when I suddenly noticed that they had returned.

On my last trip to the supermarket day before yesterday I suddenly noticed that the price is now Rs. 400 odd! Did a new tax kick in over the last week or something? Either way its just way to expensive... though I suppose it helps local produce, but then why bother importing it at all?

Kind sources also inform me that Oreos in the United States are far richer and tastier than the variety that are found here... which I assume are imported from Malaysia or Indonesia.

Edit: Could it be because of Melamine... but for so long?


  1. 400? noo....the one made in thailand or something under the company is cheaper methinks. yumyumyaum the pic makes me wanna go get one right...NAOW!
    There seems to be a trend in FMCG's dessapearign and re-appearing, like Marmite and Whisper :D

  2. eh ? they're BACK?? i want an OREO!!! naoooww!! :D

  3. Maan, you should try the mint oreos. TO DIE FOR.

  4. Brilliant... The moment I read the title I thought 'Oh yeah! I should get myself a packet today" I got a sudden wild craving for Oreos...

    And then I read the price... 400 bucks????

  5. Never have eaten them, but I have eaten some Nestle thing once that tasted pretty good... :S

  6. Imports have been secretly skyrocketing on their own for a while. Is there some sort of a ‘luxury tax’ on food and drink that we don’t know of..???

  7. You know what beats the Oreo biscuit?

    The Oreo sandwich, which is delectable ice cream between the Oreo biscuits!

    Bigger, better, yummer!

  8. I like this biscuit too. It is good because of the cream inside. Thanks for sharing this.

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