Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pilgrims on the way to the Palace

With the endless droves of people still coming to Temple Trees to meet the President a couple more incidents of note seem to occur.

The first was the sudden outcry of anger that could be heard on one of the days. Hearing the passionate cry one might have thought that a political showdown with supporters clashing was surely underway... but apparently not. Rather disappointing to find out then that instead the commotion was about something else entirely.

You see the lunch packets had run out on that particular day and many of the invitees went home disappointed about not receiving their free lunch. But suddenly midway during the exodus the delivery van showed up with fresh food. Naturally the people broke their lines and clamoured their way to the truck. The shouting was essentially "Deepan... Deepan!" (Sorry if this is not accurate) Anyway the guys in the truck were a little confused and afraid so they started to hand out bags of packets i.e each one had several packs inside.

The guy clamouring the loudest then proceeded to walk away with the ENTIRE bag. Others started to follow suit walking off with 5 packets each. This continued until the police intervened and got matters under control. Another issue which the police soon realized was that people were taking packets, leaving them somewhere and coming back for more. The whole thing was somewhat of a circus.

The other little story involved the motive for some of the visitors. At least one person stated that the only reason they went was because they had been summoned via a letter. They went because they were quite simply afraid to say no and decline the invitation. So fear motivated them... which is interesting in terms of what it means when it comes down to the polls come Election Day.


  1. "There's no such thing as a free lunch" ;)

    He's using official stuff for everything, from using the official residence, to using official letters of invitation, to using his official right to send text messages to the masses... simply put, he's running as 'President' and not as a 'Presidential Candidate'... and due to the state of the 'Elections Commission' which is not in effect due to him, and him alone, we can be sure that this election is going to be anything but free and fair. As they say, 'Naduth Hamuduruwange, Baduth Hamuduruwange'... :/

  2. lol. give a Sri Lankan a free lunch and he will sell his soul eh. that's almost what it seems like here at least.

  3. Haha...thats an interesting incident...dunno if this would ever get exposed by mass media..:D

  4. Sad, but true. What a state of affairs, really!