Thursday, January 21, 2010

Circus on Video

Well this time we've got the crowds caught on camera. I'm not really sure how we can have a democracy when this is how a significant majority of the voters behave. I mean how can you have a meaningful campaign when the electorate is mostly uneducated?

I seem to recall based on some reading that the British wished to bring Democracy to Sri Lanka. At the time a few of our local politicians objected arguing that the country wasn't ready due to a lack of education throughout the island. These were defeated with the help of other local politicians. I think they were right though. Just dumping democracy isn't a good idea. Watch the video and judge for yourselves.

Have to commend the guys running the barricade though for doing their best though the mob is a little too much.


  1. well...if that's wht a country wants, and if that's what a majority believes in, then you cant argue it rite? democracy in essence would allow people to decide by themselves rite? I dont know if a majority of our voters behave like this...
    May be what we need is a "King" a "Maha Raja" to rule the country? :P

  2. This looks like it was shot in India.

    You know, my Dad would agree with you... he keeps comparing China and India, and saying how indisciplined Indians are, etc.

    To an extent, I agree, but I do feel that the price of democracy is less than the cost of being a slave in your own country.

  3. MixedBlessings... Woah! Nice to see you're still alive!

  4. You have no idea how brilliant it is to know people still remember me! :D May I just say, I missed you guys too? Though, I did keep up with your blog, mostly... :)