Friday, May 29, 2009

MATHAWAADA sister blog REBELZZART presents PAIN KILLER the graphic+poetry show

As a founding member, with the help of my buddy skullzero, I learned the basics of this whole blogging thing thru MATHAWAADA and I managed to create a separate blog to unleash the creativity of the undergrads at Faculty of Mgt. & Fin. in University of Colombo.
After two semesters, the blog is in full operation and we managed to bring up some of the hidden talents of the undergrads to the cyberspace. But the problem was that the most of the students in the faculty are not that much techno savvy and some of the art being just got published and neglected. So after much thought, with the help of some of the contributors of REBELZZART, I managed to organize this exhibition and here is a glimpse of what it looked like on 26th and 27th May at Faculty canteen...

You can download all the photoshop final proofs of the articles in jpeg format by following this link-

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Year Gone by...

Well…can’t believe it’s already been a year since we started Mathawaada.

But it has.

Conceptualized and materialized as an idle chat among three friends, the blog came into existence without a proper direction during the earlier weeks of May last year. This eventually became a dumping ground for each other’s varying thoughts which at times lead to heated debates and interesting discussions.

Personally, the blog itself thought me a few good lessons about life. About friends, commitments and trust. It was merely a piece of virtual space, few thoughts spewed off to become 0s and 1s, but it led me in a direction where I discovered so many interesting aspects of about life, merely by dealing with so many people who had the common denominator of being a blogger.

At a time when almost all the contributors have gone off missing, I keep this short note just as an appreciation for all who took some time off to go through the pages and made the counters tick. It’s for all the friends we made in the guise of a virtual persona, some of whom we will never even get to know in real life…

Thanks Guys.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Look for that Green Light..

After a late night out, the only oasis you could come across is a small “Night Kade” which would surely assure you a cigarette, plain tea and some instantly cooked street food. This is not about the obvious Hijra, Pilla, Billal or any other the popular night shop, its about those small shops or boutiques which stand in unfamiliar semi-urban landscapes catering to small groups of people ? Well, as you may have already realized, Look for the Green Light!, just observed several of those shops and the similar attribute was the large, green fluorescent light which stands out as a guiding beacon for those tired travelers who are in search of a refuge to rest in.

Disclaimer: not all places have Green Lights but most of them do (99%) because just yesterday i went passed one with only red lights