Friday, May 29, 2009

MATHAWAADA sister blog REBELZZART presents PAIN KILLER the graphic+poetry show

As a founding member, with the help of my buddy skullzero, I learned the basics of this whole blogging thing thru MATHAWAADA and I managed to create a separate blog to unleash the creativity of the undergrads at Faculty of Mgt. & Fin. in University of Colombo.
After two semesters, the blog is in full operation and we managed to bring up some of the hidden talents of the undergrads to the cyberspace. But the problem was that the most of the students in the faculty are not that much techno savvy and some of the art being just got published and neglected. So after much thought, with the help of some of the contributors of REBELZZART, I managed to organize this exhibition and here is a glimpse of what it looked like on 26th and 27th May at Faculty canteen...

You can download all the photoshop final proofs of the articles in jpeg format by following this link-


  1. Great stuff bro! keep it goin! Guess the Aliens are in full throttle...:)

  2. Looks funkay! I like the Marilyn Monroe one best.

  3. Nice work! I always thought most of the 'arty' output at UOC wasnt coming out to be seen.
    And..TAG you're IT!.

  4. These are really nice and unique...:)