Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stay Home!

We told them to stay at home. We told them to take care of things. Let us handle all the hard work because only we can.

Stay at home, cook, clean and look after the kids. And they believed us because they believed we knew what was best for them. So did we.

But then one day we went to war. Many of us died, many of us remained on the frontlines. But back at home, there were no one to make the bread or the bullets and guns that we so desperately needed to fight.

So we called on them. We asked them to come and help us. 'Man' the factories, bake the bread for we were too busy fighting. They came and did their part. They put on the work overalls and the trousers and did what we told them they could not. While we fought, they mimicked our roles in life.

But once the battle was over, we realized that perhaps we didn't give them as much credit as we should have. We told our daughters, wives and mothers that staying at home was all they were good for, but they proved us wrong.

Since 'manning' up in that Second War they have remained at our sides rather than in the sidelines.