Friday, October 30, 2009

The Silver F*****g Spoon!

Wonderful. I found myself in a conversation that was fueled by alcohol. The normal holds were gone and its then I heard the wonderful line. “Machan… you are bitching so much because you have everything. You have had the f*****g silver spoon in your mouth your whole life! You’ve never had to worry about where the next meal is coming from!” Beautiful.

I helpfully add “It’s true, the richer you are the more you bitch!” Then Bill Gates comes up, and it’s agreed he is somewhat of an exception and donates some of his wealth for good causes.

I watch this fascinating argument go on for some time. Both participants can’t even remember how it started, but it’s going strong now. I think it had something to do with escaping the ‘system’.

Somehow through the effects of booze everyone in this gathering is getting political and life changing. Everything from Neo Colonialism, Gandhi, Evil Corporations, Legalization of Marjuana, Obama, Leadership in SL and plenty more is being discussed.

But the spoon remark really got me. It’s true. You tend to get all political and utopian minded once you are no longer thinking of getting food on the table. But then that’s simply Maslow Hierarchy of Needs right? The average citizen, especially in SL isn’t really thinking of how the country can grow and all that jazz. He just wants cash for life subsistence.

Is there any point to this? Not really I guess. I just found it strange how everyone suddenly became so opinionated about life and the world just after a few drinks.

Just a random anecdote: While some people are desperately looking for a spot to pick up a fag, other people are desperately scrounging the 20 or so needed to buy just one. They probably enjoy it more than you do though.


  1. “It’s true, the richer you are the more you bitch!”
    - Not sure about dat mate. The amount of bitchin per person depends most on personality innit? It maybe any person rangin from rich to poor. It would only be the chosen REASON for bitchin dat would be different.
    A bitcher is a bitcher

  2. aththa kathawa..oi. api mehe jeewath wenna mara gemak denawa..thawa samaharu salli wedi wela donate karanna widiyak nethuwa innawa..

    ane kaale wane waase..