Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Worlds Most Popular Website

Content is King. That was the conclusion in terms of getting traffic to a website. But once this important task is completed, there still lies that second big hurdle for the prospective entrepreneur... making a profit.

The World's most popular website, Yahoo has a staggering amount of visitors every single day. Visitation figures of the likes that you and me can hardly imagine and would probably make our blogs crash. Content on the site includes news, weather, finance, pictures and more that draws in people from various demographics.

Yet despite this huge visitation, Yahoo has had major trouble in turning a profit. Revenue figures for the past few months are around $1.57bn but the conversion to profit is only a relatively meagre $141 million.

So despite having a winning website in terms of visitation, converting it in to profit is still a major hurdle. They are making money, but now they're trying to figure out how they can make the most money out of their network, or maximize profit. This is easier said than done...


  1. I think Yahoo is up there because it was there first, not because they are the best. We all had a yahoo account before Google, but Google is catching up fast with innovative business ideas (adsense etc) and they seem to understand the user better. Google is more profitable, their collective online dominance is far beyond Yahoo's reach.

    I think it is very important to keep re-inventing and not be complacent – the world is moveing much faster than Yahoo originally thought...

  2. Well true...Yahoo just recently launced theier multi million dollar ad campaign...US $100million to be precise...This is a pretty huge investment for the company and i think they are trying really hard to turn it around...

    But all in all Yahoo is still strong in its mail. Well who knows may be they'll bounce back...have to see

  3. Yep agree with serendib_isle. Google has far more hits than yahoo. Since google has multiple country URLs, yahoo might still showup as the site with the highest visits. If you add up all google URLs im sure Google will easily pass the figure of yahoo.