Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome to Nerdsville

Karl Marx was right, the human species derives a sense of worth from their employment or whatever that they are doing. Never was this so obvious to me as I was watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle on Zee a couple of days back.

FOr all of the film's not so subtle humour, the naked girls and the exposed breasts the only thing that really struck me about the film was when Kumar treated a pneumothorax by inserting a wide bore needle into the patient's 2nd intercostal space.

Sound's like a movie full of nerd porn? For those of you that haven't watched the movie its a ninty minute extravaganza that could best be described as a slightly less vulgar American Pie movie. Anyways, what really struck me was that the movie seemed memorable only for the aforementioned incident, perhaps to a pot-head it might have struck a chord due to Kumar being a Ganja aficionado, to an Asian guy coz Harold is your typicl hard working Chinese dude.

Anyway the point am trying to make is our reality is tinted by what we do and what we are and more often that not, these two situations are a conscious choice. Personally I found it normal when I was sitting at McDonalds with a bunch of firends and when one of my friends noticed that the lady sitting at the next table had an unilateral facial nerve palsy. The ensuing conversation was about which branch of the Facial Nerve could be injured, some said it could be the buckle nerve branch.. but then how coould she eat? For the buccinator is supplied by the buckle etc. etc.

Even the jokes I hear are medically oriented nowadays( even the dairty ones). For example while I was examining a friend's cadaver for their inguinal canal...i overheard him telling a girl in the group "We should name this cadaver Brianna Banks!!! I found a spermatic chord in her mouth!!" LOL pretty sick joke ... but then again.. it was kinda nerdy at the same time.

Even the riddles that people come with nowadays are the same. Name three similarities between the Vas Deferens and a female's oesophagus.. the answer? They are both tubes, they are both 25 cm long and both can carry sperm.. LOL

Anyways... after that rather detached tangent where i managed to prove that most of Sri Lanka's medical students are sexually frustrated. My point is this: we are what we do! So would that mean that I would be a different person if i had chosen a different undergraduate degree. Would SkullZero be different if he wasnt some online marketing mumbo jumbo?

So say if i were to fail my exams and was subsequently kicked out of med school.. would i loose a part of me? If someone looses their job do they also loose meaning in their life? Strange to think that we sometimes take jobs that we absolutely hate with the reassuring thought of ..oh its only a job... its not gonna be my life.. but are we being consumed by what we do?


  1. ...ohh man soo true...lately i found myslef cracking SEO jokes on Twitter!!

  2. haha duuudeee... ur so not calling me a nerd ever again!!

  3. Bloody Good post dude!

    I would love to make a statement considering my recent life choices... but I'll get back to you once I see what happens and avoid the empty waffle.