Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama Hotel in Gampola

Well, what more can i say? Tucked away in a far distant town in the Hill Country....It was a pity the place was closed when we were there. Would have been great to check out the menu..? lol


  1. The day Obama won the elections a lady in Budulla named her new born son Obama. The next day her husband actually kicked her out of the house demanding that she change thier son's name 'cause they'd be the laughing stock of the town.
    The Badulla police had to intervene and convince her to change the baby's name.
    Hehe Sri Lanka can get to be a little looney at times =P

  2. It is possible that the gastro-intestinal experience that this Hotel offers, compared to the other hotels in that area, is a 'Change you can believe in' !!

  3. @the puppeteer - haha yeah heard of that one! can expect more for the time to come i guess...:)

    @anonymous - hahaha nice one!

  4. Rotflecopter

    maybe we should take a trip to gampola.