Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good old days; when life used to turn around Ananda, Promedia at Green Path and my boom box…

It was middle of 2002, if I am not mistaken; I first met this bugger called realskullzero.
Even we were in same class in school, the bond got stronger due to our close accompaniment with the college interact club and most importantly the close association with music. We both excelled in our journey by getting selected for the executive committee in 2005 and most importantly it paved the way for a beautiful friendship.
The time was less troublesome those days. There was nothing to worry about the career, savings or about future like today. Other than education, our main goal used to collect some money to buy audio CDs from Promedia. The main channel I used is 2 rupees saving from daily bus fare because my mom gives 10 rupees to go from Maharagama to Town Hall and the fare is merely 8 rupees at that time. (Oh! Dear… what inflation has done to our country?). The task was tedious one but still we somehow managed to visit the CD shop 1 or 2 times per month to burn our savings to own some of the world’s greatest music.
The journey merely by foot from Maradana to Townhall or may be all the way to the Green Path but it was fun. On the way the subjects from all around the world came in to light for our discussions, mostly music, politics, cinema or may be even girls. We agreed on some, disagreed many times but ultimately all our mouthful criss-cross ended in front of our music Mecca, signaling that it is time for some shopping…
When Skull used to look for RATM’s battle of Los Angeles, I tend to go for 2pac’s Until The End of Time or may be for some old school rap. Sometimes when I didn’t have money to buy, still I joined with him then I can borrow one album to listen when he buys two. The next day it was all about criticism or may be some game CDs he bought. Our old friend Ninja should be mentioned here too. In one interact district conference, we two went on running and headbanging to Seven Nation Army performed by Azlan’s early outfit; Cold Fusion all over the Joe hall because we had to catch Ninja who was busy with getting signatures from every girl he can find on the spot. Oh! How wonderful that time was…
Love for music then turned for other thing. We two somehow want to form a band, first it was a metal one but because of the scarcity of resources we shifted to hip hop. We want to go for bigger things like performing onstage or taking part in Royal talent search. We didn’t have a clue on how to get things done or how hard it is but still we tried harder to make our dream a reality. We have seen the performances for some time and we just want be in that position like them. After 6 years I’m proud to say that the dream has been fulfilled for some extent.
Things are changed now. Because of anti-piracy measures, no more new albums coming to shops, Promedia is now defunct and you can’t even walk freely in that area due to high security measures. But two things didn’t change. That is our love for music and our friendship. The shapes and sizes of our dreams changed but still the core is the same.
I wish to see again, one fat guy and other totally skinny, in their late teens, dressed in school uniform, walking with their heavy bags on Norris Canal Road talking about myriad of topics and the whole world at their feet. Yes I want to and I’m sure I will.


  1. oh man those were the days eh?? great times! well one thing for cud relive those moments through the albums we bought those

  2. Nice post...brings backs the promedian ever back in that time we didn't have ADSL, Youtube or the mirracle of torrents.

  3. Wait... RSZ talked about girls? I always thought... lol. Where have I been?

    Even I used to save my money for CD's from Promedia... though I only bought games - no surprise there! Music was all *gasp* downloaded in my 30 mins out of 1hr of 'free' internet a day. My brother had the other 30...

  4. haha... dude.. brings back memories.. reminds of those days at Ananda... when skull zero was a teacher's pet... and DRG was a love sick puppy... man!!!
    Those were the days.. i think i was a mega nerd back then studying my ass off... hell things haven;t changed much!!
    ND ninja still chases any girl he can find LMFAO