Friday, June 26, 2009

The Story of Anvil

It’s a harsh reality in life, where you are not all the time able to become what you really want to be, and it’s very rarely that you would see someone trying to disprove it. The Story of Anvil is one such example.

This is a documentary that would touch anyone’s heart. You see two men grown old, chasing a dream that they have been longing since they were children. A dream that tests the true nature of a great friendship. A dream that makes them fight against all odds in a world where everything comes at a price.

The Story of Anvil is not merely about a rock band and their emotional journey in search of fame, it’s also about life, human qualities and hope. The story unfolds with a background to Anvil, who made their mark with bands such as Scorpions, Whitesnake and BonJovi in the early 80s. Brimming with energy they tour the stadiums in Japan in front of thousands of fans influencing many youngsters who would later become rock legends.

You would see the front man Steve Kudlow (Lips) getting up everyday going to work at Choice Children’s catering dropping off deliveries around the town, His buddy and drummer Rob Reiner resorts to his daytime job to make his living. It’s a sad reality, a reality which makes them trod against, a reality they are determined to change.

One interesting fact behind the whole movie is that the director Sacha Gervasi was at one point a roadie for Anvil when he was a youngster back in the 80s. The movie is truly inspirational and unique, with it being cited as “The Greatest Movie Every Made About Rock ‘N’ Roll” by the London Times.

The one thing that strikes me the most is unbound friendship these two people carry...its really a remarkable testament of a great friendship...

I leave you with the trailer; try to get hold of the movie if you can….

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  1. I hoped the local movie rental shop has a copy. The movie sounds real interesting, not like those run-of-the-mill rockstar or music movies.