Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One night stand is the purest form of love…

They met in the morning, they fell in love in the afternoon, they made love in the evening and next day morning, they parted without leaving anything behind…
Does this signify love or is it just a mere bodily attraction? According to my point of view most important thing is that there’s no third party factors involved in these kinds of relationships. It depends on pure timing and both parties see some specialty of their opposite and immediately, it forms a bond between them. You can argue that the factor which kindles these kinds of relationships may be beauty or wealth but if they are so engaged based on that kind of information they’ll never break their bond in the morning next day because at least one party will have a material benefit other than pleasure from their relationship. They neither have a past nor a future so they solely depend on the present moment thus made them lovers by the moment.
They become one when they make love and that’s the climax of their beautiful bond. It may also be the eternal moment where this world will see the glimpse of the real love because in that moment one party let other to take control of his or her soul and other factors such as society, norms, culture and family will all be left behind for that one glorious yet so fragile moment.
So that’s the moment where the world sees the purest form of love…

Open for criticism…

Soundtrack from the world's greatest romantic film maker Wong Kar Wai's sci-fi romance masterpiece 2046


  1. Also this form is all about satisfaction from each other, where other forms of love have some selfish attribute like future stabiligy etc.

  2. Love? Ya gotta be kiddin me mate- Its LUST innit.. Purest form of lust, but beats obligatory 'love' anyday

    Fake love is BS (not Bathiya n Santhush) but pure lust rox aight

  3. Zero commitment makes things easier for sure,that being said love is more of an emotional bonding.

    Lust is giving in to bodily cravings rather than an emotional connection I suppose.Surely NOT the purest form of love :S

  4. Agree with Girigoris, It’s definitely not love; it’s infatuation, it’s lust in its purest form. If you change the title to “...purest form of lovemaking” it would make slightly better sense.

    Having said that, it is quite possible to fall in love over night, or even in a nano second. Just like the chick-flick “Before Sunrise.

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  6. I really like the thoughts on this post. Can't really put a finger on it and say lust/ love...I suppose it's up to the individual in that situation. dunno...but good post.

  7. Lust is giving in to bodily cravings rather than an emotional connection I suppose.Surely NOT the purest form of love :S

  8. its not a purest form of love, but it can be...