Saturday, April 25, 2009

Losing My Little Chivas...

Ok…have you ever had those treasured presents that you would want to keep for your lifetime. Presents that become lifetime souvenirs?

Well this little Chivas bottle of mine is a similar example. I got it from one of my good buddies who came from abroad several years back. I know its just a simple 200ml Chivas bottle which could be easily obtained from the arrival lounge of the BIA, but it was my first such gift and my refusal to open it on the first day motivated me to keep it as a souvenir.

However, considering the group of friends I associate, it was quite hard to keep their sober eyes off a small bottle of fine Scottish whisky. I had to bear up with endless phone calls on Poya days on how I am depriving a great little get together because of a useless obsession with the bottle.

I used to reply to them saying that we should save it for a special occasion and its not yet the time. They would prompt me and ask what better occasion than this?? I would sarcastically say it would only be opened on the day that Prabhakaran dies and this war of ours is over……

Fuck!! Am I gonna lose my little Chivas?


  1. well.. machan.. praba dieing myt not happen recently but the war ending will... hehehe.. decide which one u want to celebrate the bottle with ;)

  2. LOL! Finrod's spot on... You'll just have to decide

  3. well, the bottle would be a good way to celebrate the ending of the war, I suppose, but I wonder if it will really be over... the fighting may stop in the sense of the war itself, but what about insurgency and stuff? Not that I want to dampen the celebration, but yeah... I was wondering how the ppl from the LTTE who escape, or are not rounded up, or even those civilians who sympathised with them will react... It's my experience- my country is constantly at war, whether it has been declared so or not...

  4. @Foxhound - :D

    @Finrod - Well true man have to make up my mind on

    @M.O.M- hehe yeah but i dont wanna let that go u kno...

    @mixedblessings - yeah quite true, well i am not the type who would jump on the bandwagon to declare that all the problems are over...its just that the large scale military war as we know it is over...

    ...but my concern is that now i would not have any excuse for my frieds...:D

  5. hahah! even i will come and have a sip to celebrate. im sure prabha will kill himself. not his style to get caught. unless he turns pussy at the last mo, he'll dive like hitler. We'll all come to ur place and a have a bothal kuppi of ur Chivas mate! u can keep the bottle as a souvenir of a great day in the land of lankans!

  6. hey man so did you lose ur chivas??? =]