Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Noir 2008. The audience???

I am not going to talk about or to be a critic about this year’s production. I just want to pen or more appropriately type certain thoughts which came in to my mind when I was watching the second leg of this year’s production.

It is said that in theater the audience is an essential part of the whole experience. The responses of the audience are important for the dramatists as well as for the other spectators for a successful drama experience. But the thing is that some of the essence of that evening’s dramas was lost due to certain negligence from members of the audience that evening.

One of the headaches that I endured was that pesky ringing of cell phones while the drama was in progress. Because it was an English language drama you'd expect to see people from a higher social strata or simply much more privileged and educated members of society in the audience. But my judgment was wrong that evening. The cell phone just keep on ringing and ringing while even the officials were in a bit of mess trying to find the person with the offending mobile.

So I am sincerely passing this message to everybody who is going for the theatre or cinema experience, please switch off your mobiles and make it a pleasant experience not just for you but for others as well.


  1. 'Twas fine on Friday... While the plays were good... none of them measured up to last year's performance of Billy Markham and the Devil!

  2. yeah...its irritating.. even a beep of an sms in a real emotional act makes a real chaos!!

  3. yeah i was there on friday..that was really irritating....