Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Politicians FOR the People or Vice Versa?

Another “exclusively from Sri Lanka” experience that’s ruining everyday life!!

“Government by the people, for the people,…bla bla bla…” However, in today’s context, this definitely is not true. I will neither be investigating our current political situation nor will I be doing any deep analysis on any politics related issue, but just stating facts as viewed by any normal civilian.

I’m not talking about any other political disaster but the nightmare of closing roads to normal people when one of the “agents” of the people is using it.

So there I am stepping out of my house, late as usual for lectures, when I am being stopped (using some very forceful and not-in-the-least-human tones) and practically pushed into (or hidden in) a small by road, not once, but twice within my 20 minute walk to Campus.

No Comments.

Let’s just imagine if I was not walking and late for Campus; that I was driving and late for my first job interview.


It is most surprising (of course in a very negative way) that the fundamental rights of the majority are violated to provide for the special “beneficial” rights of a minority. It is ironic that this minority was actually appointed by the same suffering majority with the intention of ending their suffering in the first place.

Not only is this “closing roads” business a shameless disgrace but it’s a root cause of causing even more havoc to the lives of Sri Lankans, who we all know are going through enough already. This “using of parliamentary privileges” not only delay other people’s appointments and traveling but also cause unwanted blocks and traffic.

I don’t know if my imagination runs away with me sometimes, but isn’t a herd of vehicles stopped in the middle of the city the perfect opportunity for some people whose intentions are to destroy civil lives?

Commenting on stuff like these are becoming almost useless and heart breaking-I’m being pessimistic but realistic.

Typical Sri Lanka.


  1. I know what you mean, because I live in a high security zone. But I just figured it's a part of life now, but when you put it in the context of an interview, well that just plain sucks.

    What really ticks me off is when I'm a stone's throw from my house and they close the road!

  2. 'Not only is this “closing roads” business a shameless disgrace' let me finish that in a different way and go on to say;

    the whole governance system in this country is a disgrace.

  3. i agree with thewhackster. the issue is with the whole system and hence it is idealistic to highlight only a part of this intricate reality. the writer elaborates on his experience without analysing it (he has already mentioned it at the begining) i agree with the writer of course. but lets extend it to an analysis.

  4. totally agree with foxhound there.. most of the time the police doesn't allow us to CROSS THE ROAD to get to our place!!!!!