Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New York Hardcore Is Still Alive!

I stumbled upon these hardcore/punk titans while cruising my way through a webblog dedicated to hardcore metal and stoner music. It took me a while to realize that these guys were actually orchestrating a genre little known by the general public but well loved and respected by cult followings, New York hardcore/hardcore punk. The hard hitting dual bass drum paddles, heavy bass and guitar riffs, and awesome militant vocals showed much resemblance to a badass heavy metal outfit and in-fact it would not be unjust to even align Agnostic Front to a great heavy metal band if it weren’t for their immense contribution to New York’s Punk scene and the overwhelming legacy they have left behind in their more than two decades of existence.

Agnostic Front is by all means an iconic hardcore/thrash metal outfit, which has out-lived many of its contemporaries such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SSD, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. Of course now they seem to portray a much more hardcore/thrash noise than original punk but they still seem to stick to their roots as a hardcore New York Punk outfit, which really made them what they are. Though some of the bands in the early 80s punk scene were notorious for being “Pro White”, the political correctness that took place has evolved it into a much more tolerant and a changed force.

Like many hardcore punk bands their lyricism evolve around ideologies, tribulations and various social issues, which bewitch any socially unjust society. Agnostic Front is a living testament to the underground yet “still going strong” hardcore scene and represents what true hardcore punk music is all about.

Check out their music from any of the links below

Agnostic Front Official Website
Agnostic Front on Myspace


  1. Cool Post dude!

    That's guys tattoo's are quite something!

  2. why am i not surprised that skull was looking for stoner music?

    btw since when did we have a tag for hardcore... man i could so write on that...

  3. yeah...right!!hehe..i bet thats why u even read the post..wondering wot "NEW YORK HARDCORE" is..hehe..