Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Truth Is Out There...

Belief seems like such an important thing to believe. Having recently started watching the X-Files again and its delving in to the huge number of paranormal events and incidents that some believe in as well as some recent thinking of mine it began to occur to me that such beliefs aren't all that far fetched.

I know... you're saying I'm nuts. But really if you think about it so many people believe in various Gods around the world and the current mainstream God is so popular, but really to me it seems the stuff of the X-Files and the many deities belong in the same boat.

If you think about it, Fox Mulder wants to believe in UFO's and the paranormal. In reality he's not alone in this belief, and now even a new age 'religion' known as Scientology is based around the existence of alien life.

If you put Superman in a head to head with God as to which is more plausible you'd see that Superman is actually more plausible, provided you remove all the attached stigma's and preconceptions and look at it objectively. Now many would be angered and in the old days, this was the ultimate defense for any religion; burning at the stake for heretics. Question or challenge and be presented with all kinds of horrendous things bestowed upon heretics.

It's not so strange as the English (taking one culture out of so many) used to believe in Witches and Witchcraft. How did they identify them? Well you see a woman had to be accused first (not that hard as lot of people disliked each other) and then you would dunk them in water for some time. If they survived then they would be burned at the stake. If they died then well... ooops.

Another excellent test was where the woman was left naked before having a needle pricked at the thigh. If they didn't bleed they were witches. Unfortunately they didn't take in to account that especially in those days that many women were embarrassed to be seen naked (Gee I wonder why) causing in blushing and blood rushing to the face which could sometimes result in no blood rushing out of a small pinprick wound. Off with ye Witch!

It's all about wanting to believe in something. If we cannot understand ,it's comforting to remove the unknown by having a God or Deity to fill in the gaps so that we can have some reason and go on living our lives. It's true... Ignorance is bliss, which should lead me to some of the awesomeness that is touched by the movie 'The Matrix', but that's another story for another day.

All I can say is... Keep an Open Mind. The Truth is out there? Truer words were never spoken.

A quote I really love by Stephen Roberts

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

Like Fox Mulder, we all want to believe.


  1. Sorry guys... but politics just ain't in my blood.

  2. worries..awesome post bro...that was quite an awesome angle u looked at it bro..patta..

  3. write ur stuff buddy. Don't listen 2 others. Great work.. keep it up!

  4. dude u make it sound as if politics is a bad thing DRG... for your information everything is about politics.. but u shldnt see it in the narrow minded sri lankan perspective tht vr used to.. philosophy is abt politics, economic is a abt politics, art, culture everything is abt politics... its impossible to seperate something that is innately bound with humanity from the creation of mankind... for example foxhound's post explores the politics of religion and to a lesser extent the politics of fear..