Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It was a heart stopper, an absolute spectacle of pure adrenaline and excitement. Yes I am talking about the recently concluded Indian Premier League, which was a treat for any cricket fan. I have never been the die heart cricket fan nor have had the thought of penning down a post on cricket. But the IPL changed all that and this 60-day adrenaline rush has shown that cricket can also be taken into a level of professionalism enjoyed by other major sports leagues in the world.

The IPL concluded in the best possible way ever with the starting underdogs Rajastan Royals clinching the inaugural trophy in a nail-biting thriller. It was down to Shane Warne and Sohail Tanvir to grab the winning runs in the last over, which came down to the very last ball. A classic final, which people will remember for a long time.

Of course we would have to praise the good lads of the controversial Indian Cricket League for coming up with the idea, and if it weren’t for them we would not have experienced such an exciting twist in the world of cricket. The lazy ICC and Indian cricket board officials were fast asleep while several good minds hatched the plan for a breakaway cricket league, which fitted perfectly to a country of 100 million cricket fanatics.

Some may argue otherwise saying that we are loosing the true passion and originality of cricket, but I (along with many a cricket fan) think otherwise. Of course there is a great down side to this. If this trend is let to continue without proper control or management, we would see all the best talent in world cricket playing for IPL rather than their own countries. But I doubt that people (at least we south Asians) prefer 5 day all white test matches over 20/20 cricket. The remedy is not to stop 20/20 cricket or banning IPL type of leagues, it’s about taking this league or this type of cricket into the world arena.

I hope that in future we would be seeing more teams and clubs participating from other countries as well. This may seem like a long shot from the traditional IPL concept, but few years back did we even have a slightest idea about a 20/20 tournament this much big and spectacular??

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  1. yeah man i enjoyed the ipl too.. but it was a pity that hey had to cover up the cheerleaders.. all these crappy Indian bourgeois nationalists... if beating up ethnic minorities and discriminating against lower castes isn't enough for them they have to interfere with what we watch on TV..