Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Love Happy Island ( Awesome Editorial Blunder)

Ok…. after weeks of debate, one of our contributors (Me!!) had the strength to get his lazy ass up to scan and post this rather exciting poem. Well of course any regular Sri Lankan blogger would have read and heard the news (with everyone getting to the story as soon as it happened), but since it has been such an awesome mishap, we felt really bad to let it go. This poem was found on a children’s page in “HAPPY ISLAND”; the children’s supplement given with the Island Newspaper (a well respected and popular local English newspaper). The newspaper claims that they were “a victim of Internet terrorism”, but I think it was one of the best pranks pulled off in a long time.

Well, of course we have to see to the fact that it has been published on a children’s page but when you think about it, hats go off to the person who pulled this prank (if it ever was a prank in the first place!) -(click on the picture to zoom in)

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