Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cavalera Conspiracy; my hostility, my sanctuary.

It’s kind of strange to see a major heavy metal outfit which virtually concurred the seven seas came from a land where the music is mainly associated with their deep cultural roots. That’s a kind of feeling that comes for my mind when I think about the band Sepultura. Same feeling aroused in me when I heard the new project by the Sepulturian front men Cavalera brothers; Cavalera Conspiracy.Their debut album “Inflikted” is a gruesome masterwork from the literal as well as technical perspectives. It offered something DIFFERENT not less, than Sepultura.

I would like to break the album to two distinct parts for the criticism purposes. First half of the album; tracks such as hit single “Sanctuary”and“Terrorize” are more musically driven work and other half of the album is more lyrically driven. But then there are some exceptions such as “Bloodbrawl” where the conspiracy manages to smoothly combine the heaviness with the melodic orchestration. I was astonished when I got my ears enthralled in the craftily but consciously written “Hearts of Darkness” which I think is the most successfully executed track in the album. Innovative lyricism audible in “The Doom of All Fires” and “Nevertrust” is another distinct characteristic in this album. Album is totally woven around in negative social themes such as war which is common in the genre.

When considered as a whole the album is a worth a listen to, a redefining hardcore journey in to the darker side.


  1. Hey..man nice post..wanna get ma hands on that fast!! can hear the thumping rite now!!

  2. Ah good good.Good to see some more metal blogging here!
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  3. Max is the bomb, his voice is amazing, too bad he left Sepultura, Sepultura without Max is no Sepultura.