Monday, May 12, 2008

Are You Sick?

SICKO (2007)
Director-Michael Moore

America sucks big time and the man who showed it has done another witty but eye-opening documentary to prove it to his fellow Americans and to the rest of the world. This time he takes his camera to criticize the American health care system which is corrupted by the insurance companies and their evil insurance schemes. He shows what are the consequences of not adopting a system with free universal access to the health care. To prove his theory he brings out some of the healthcare “nightmares” of fellow Americans. I don’t like to give details about those because you MUST see it and I am sure that those incidents will move you heart and soul.

Then Moore moves in to other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom and France to show the benefits of universal health care system. One thing that I really felt is that Moore not only asking the views from the Canadians and French but he also gets the views of Americans who are living in those countries to bring the true and fair view to his analysis. One of the unbelievable things is that the part where Moore takes our attention to few of 9/11 rescue workers and volunteers who are suffering from various illnesses and disorders because those are not covered by their insurance policies and those people don’t have any financial status to buy necessary medication.

Moore saves the best for the last and we witness a heart wrenching climax where he takes few of the 9/11 sick volunteers and rescue workers to Cuba and those people are treated and looked after well with great care by their so called sole enemies; the Cubans. Moore shows how big the human heart is and the same time he asked why those few profit- oriented Americans can’t show little bit of that sympathy for not so lucky fellow Americans.

Money, power, war and corruption, a strong iron made chain which is destroying the societies in every country. No matter how big and powerful the country is the situation is deteriorating and its happening fast! Michael Moore’s attempt to show this situation to the rest of the world is a worth while effort. Most of the people (the Republicans and their friendly media) branded Mooremust see and know and those are covered and neglected by the people who are in power and by some invisible forces. We need more artists and people like that because those are the people who will make this world much brighter, beautiful and happier place to live for me, for you and for the future generation. as a socialist because of his ideology. But I don’t think so. I think that he is a good-hearted American artist who feels for his country and the rest of the world. Those people (like our own Iqbal Athas) shows the things that people

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