Saturday, May 31, 2008

Learning economics Mihin Lanka style!!

Pic Courtesy : Daily Mirror (btw great headline!)

One would think that the idiots running the government cannot get any stupider, but voila! Enter Sajin Vass Gunawardene, according to him Mihin Lanka has brought in a revenue of 2700 million rupees to Sril Lanka, I say you dumb idiot you gotta look at both sides of the balance sheet and then decide.

Simple Economics: If your losses are greater than your revenue then you are not profitable.

According to government statistics, Mihin Lanka makes an annual loss of about 1.8 billion rupees (1800 million rupees). I wonder how this Monkey became a CEO of an airline without understanding how to read a balance sheet!

If loosing all its aircraft was not enough, Sajin " I am too stupid to read a balance sheet" Gunwardena has the guts to proclaim that the airline was delivering a great service to the country. According to him the even the CWE makes a loss, well I am damn sure the hard working Sri Lanakns didn't want to spend their hard earned EPF/ETF money so that idiots like you can pilfer millions.

Come to think of it there is something Sajin Vass could do, that would be of great service..... Jump down a cliff and die!

I mean we wouldn't be sad, or say Ayyo poor chap, he died so young etc. Rather all of us would breath a collective sigh of relief knowing that there would be one less A**hole in this country to steal our money.

I mean how can a lowly Wharf Clerk end up being a CEO of a airline, this dude Mahinda must have been inhaling some pretty heavy narcotics too get sooo high and appoint this good for nothing thief as a Presidential Adviser let alone as a CEO.

I mean its incomprehensible to a bloke like me, who has grown up in Colombo and seen so much talent in our corporate sector, with so many young hopefuls just waiting in the wings.

Honestly, it absoloutely unbelievable that these A**holes get appointed, then steal our money and then have the f**king guts to tell us that it was a f**king national service. And all this in a country that boasts of 93% literacy.

The only logical conclusion I can arrive at is this, the remaining illiterate 7% are probably cabinet ministers and Presidential Advisers. Hell! The cabinet has some 120 b*stards and god knows how many advisers the President has!


  1. Hahaha..nice post bro..these f*kin idiots are eating up our country..

  2. yeap totally agrees with it.